Extra Curricular

We actively encourage students to take part in the wide range of clubs and societies on offer at St. Ailbe’s. We believe that involvement in extra-curricular activities develops interpersonal skills, promotes self-discipline and helps educate students to use their free time constructively. Participation in extra-curricular activities, when ever possible, happens outside of school hours. There are occasions however, when it is necessary to play school matches or go on school outings during the school day. One these occasions it is in everybody’s best interest to keep the disruption to the time-tabled classes at a minimum. On such occasions students are asked:

  • ” To organise a classmate to record the homework given”.
  • ” To give their completed homework for the subjects that they will miss to a classmate”.

We hope that this approach will allow the students to enjoy the benefits of participating in extra-curricular activities whilst also keeping their studies in mind. A wide range of extra-curricular activities are available at St. Ailbes including:

  • Hurling,
  • Ladies’ Football,
  • Camogie
  • Gaelic Football,
  • Basketball,
  • Soccer,
  • Swimming,
  • Rugby (both male and female),
  • Horse Riding- the school hosted a very successful inter schools Hunter Trials in 1995.
  • Drama,
  • Debates,
  • Athletics,
  • Public Speaking Competitions,
  • Photo and Art Competitions,
  • Science Club, etc..