Circle of Life 2017-18

Circle of Life November 2017

Once again the staff and students of St Ailbe’s School have successfully risen to the challenge of producing a very entertaining musical which serves to highlight the immense talents of our students. Cathal Madsen (young Simba) and Michaela Barthova, worked fabulously at portraying the wild life of the young lion Simba. Jordan Cummins conveyed the evil, villainous Scar and interacted with the younger audiences to great effect. Mufasa, the loving, caring, proud king of the Pride Lands was creatively represented by the talented Sami Adi.The music and well-timed choreography encouraged everyone to sing and get toe tapping. The spectacular performance of ‘Circle Of Life’ engaged the audience. Conor Cullen’s and Ben Hannigan’s delivery of ‘Hakuna Matata’ as the comical duo (Timon and Pumbaa) left the audience with smiles and ‘no worries’.


Whilst the cast, dancers and chorus have shone on the front stage we must acknowledge the back stage crew, art, props, hair and makeup departments. They have really pulled the whole show together and must be commended on all their hard work. This year, the school decided to add to the production with the help of their live band under the conduction of Ms. Siobhan Hall. This has added to the enchanting vibe and overall musicality of the show.

Principal Ruaidhri Devitt was delighted with the show that took place, saying “ It’s a total cracker of a show”           . The effort that went into this show is incredible and shows the talent of students and teachers in St. Ailbe’s School.”

Leads from previous years have said “I wish I could have been in the show this year. The atmosphere in the hall was contagious and that was only the second day! We all know it gets better and better with every performance.’ Another student said ‘I’m really looking forward to coming in to see the show on Friday night. In my experience the last night of the show is always magical for everyone in the hall.’

Through amazing performances, art work and costume design, St. Ailbe’s have created a fantastic, memorable show, which comes as no surprise. The matinee shows have been a great triumph, with many enthusiastic reviews from both primary and secondary school students and teachers. So far this show has been a great success and St. Ailbe’s are excited to present it to the public on Thursday 16th and Friday 17th at 7pm and promise that it will be a great evening for all ages.St. Ailbe’s also wish to give a huge thanks to all their sponsors who have helped make this show possible.


Circle of life full video