St. Ailbe’s School is affiliated to the Munster branch and the I.R.F.U as a rugby playing school in East Munster. We have teams for boys at U15, U16, U17, U19 as well as a development team for girls.

The rugby programme is aligned with a holistic ethos of education that is present within the school. Through the rugby programme students are offered opportunities to take part in playing rugby in a safe controlled environment. The aim of the programme is to develop each player at an age related rate, equipping them with a skill set that is required to play rugby but with an enormous emphasis on participation.

In order to permit player development in the school, our teams are entered into level appropriate affiliated competitions coordinated by the Munster Branch.

Rugby in our school is viewed as part of the education process which promotes:

· Team work

· Respect

· Physical fitness

· Diet and nutrition

· Lifestyle