School Policies

Policies 2023-24

St Ailbes Safety Statement

St Ailbes Sustainability policy

Child Safeguarding and Risk Assessment 2023-24

School Self Evaluation Summary Report 2022-23

Homework Policy June 2023

Admissions Policy 2024/2025

Admissions Notice

Paper Application Form 2024-25

Online Application Form 2024-25

Anti-Bullying Policy

Checklist Review Anti Bullying

Code of Positive Behaviour

Critical Incident Policy


Policies 2022-23

Science Subject Inspection 2023

Safety statement Oct 2022

Admissions Policy 

Admissions Notice 2023-24

Admissions update 29-11-2022

Application Form First Year 2023-24 online version

Application Form 2023-24 paper version

Critical Incident Policy 2022-23

Child Protection Safeguarding Statement and Risk Assessment

School Self Evaluation Summary Report 2021-22

DEIS Summary Action Plan 2021-22

School Insurance brochure (24 hour cover for all Ailbe’s students)

Evening Study Rules 

Anti Bullying Policy Aug 2022


Policies 2021-22

Internet Acceptable Use Policy

Extra Curricular Policy March 2022

Anti Bullying Inspection 2021

CBA Calendar Third Years

CBA Calendar Second Years

St Ailbe’s Anti Bullying Policy Oct 2021

Appendix 4 Checklist for Anti Bullying Policy

Covid 19 Risk Assessment 2021-22

Covid 19 Responce Plan 2020-22

Covid 19 Policy Statement 2021-22

Admissions Policy

Admissions Notice 2022-23

Application Form 2022-23

DEIS Summary Action Plan 2020-21

Child Safeguarding Risk Assessment/Child Safeguarding Statement 2021-22

Critical Incident Policy

School Self Evaluation Summary Report 2020-21


Policies 2020-21

updated COVID 19 Response Plan  

Covid Inspection Report November 2020

Safety Statement

Guidance for Remote learning

Droichead Policy

Admissions Notice for 2021/22

Admissions Policy

Application Form 2021/22

Guidance on face covering

Changing Rooms Policy June 2020

Classroom Based Assessment Policy June 2020

Healthy Eating Policy June 2020

Dignity Charter St Ailbe’s June 2020

Checklist for Anti Bullying Policy June 2020

Child safeguarding risk assessment August 2020

Child safeguarding Statement 2020

Intimate Care Policy June 2020

Covid 19 Statement Aug 2020

Covid 19 Responce plan Aug 2020

Covid 19 suspected Case Checklist Aug 2020

Covid 19 Risk Assessment Aug 2020

Critical Incident Policy Aug 2020

intimate Care Policy Aug 2020

School Self Evaluation Summary report 2019-20 Aug 2020



Policies 2019-20

Junior Cycle Assessment Policy June 2020

Digital Media Literacy Strategy Feb 2020

Critical Incident Policy 201920

Code of Behaviour Sept March 2020

Child Safe Guarding Statement Sept 19

Child Protection Risk Assessment Sept 19

Checklist Child safeguarding Statement Oct 19



Policies 2018-19

Enrolment and Participation Policy (Transfer) – Dec 2018

ICT policy June 2018

Special Needs Education policy June 2018

work Experience Policy 12-6-18

St Ailbe’s Anti Bullying Policy 12-6-18

One to One Teaching Policy 12-6-18

School Tour Policy Dec 2018

Safety statement Dec 2018

Policy for external speakers  Dec 2018

Administration Of Medicines  Dec 2018


Policies pre 2018

Guidance Policy

Evening Study

Change subject or level form