Student Council

St. Ailbe’s launched its Student Council in March 1998. We intend for this Council to be effective and successful. The Student Council will meet regularly and interact with the Principal, Visitors, Parents Council and Board of Management. First year representatives will be elected by students during the first term.

The main aims of the council are to act as a representative body for the students of St. Ailbe’s School and to help with the maintenance of a genuine school spirit.

Student Council Members 2020/2021

Name Year
Viktoria Pantoka 1st Year
Zoe Ryan 2nd Year
Tom Hannigan 2nd Year
Ahmed Aidi 2nd Year
Chrisopher Butler 2nd Year
Jude Myers 3rd Year
Abbie O’Dwyer 3rd Year
Kate Guilfoyle 3rd Year
Lawrence Horan TY
Ethan Staunton Doran TY
Ella Morrissey TY
Alannah Hartnett TY
Stacey Bourke 5th Year
Chloe Quinn 6th Year
Alexandra Pasztorova 6th Year

Student Council Members 2019/2020

Name Year
Ahmed Aydi 1st year
Zoe Ryan 1st year
Tom Hannigan 1st year
Kate Guilfoyle 2nd year
Jude Myers 2nd year
Abbie O’Dwyer 2nd  year
Ethan Staunton Doran 3rd year
Nicholas Renehan 3rd year
Paul Cleary 3rd year
Laurence Horan 3rd  year
Ethan Dodd-Johnston TY
Stacey Bourke  TY
Wiktoria Piecuch 5th year
Alexandra Pasztorova 5th year
Chloe Quinn LCA 2
Holly Davern 6th year
Jayne Lowlor 6th year
Bridig McCormack Teacher Rep


Student Council Report May 2019

Student Council Members 2018/2019

Jude Myers 1st year
Abbie O’Dwyer 1st year
Kayleigh O Gorman 3rd year
Nicholas Renehan 2nd year
Paul Cleary 2nd year
Laurence Horan 2nd year
Ethan Dodd-Johnston 3rd year
Stacey Bourke  3rd year
Wiktoria Piecuch TY
Alexandra Pasztorova TY
Jayne Lawlor 5th year
Holly Davern 5th year
Bobby West 6th year

Student Council Members 2017/2018

Paul Cleary 1st year
Ethan Doran 1st year
Laurence Horan 1st year
Stacey Bourke 2nd year
Kayleigh O Gorman 3rd year
Jayne Lawlor 4th year
Holly Davern 4th year
Bobby West 5th year
Siobhain Butler 5th year
Caitlin Cusse 5th year
Conor Cullen 5th year
Nicole Horgan 5th year
Anna Savage 6th year
Clodagh Cummins 6th year
Jordan Walsh 6th year