School Self evaluation

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School Self Evaluation 2022-23

Science Subject Inspection 2023

School Self Evaluation summary report 2021-22

Deis Report 2021-2022

Child Safeguarding Statement and Risk Assessment 


School Self Evaluation 2021-22

St Ailbe’s Anti Bullying Inspection 2021

School Self Evaluation Summary Report 2020-21

DEIS Summary Action Plan 2021

Critical Incident Policy August 2021

Child Safeguarding risk assessment/ Child Safeguarding Statement 2021-22

Assessment arrangements LC&JC 2022

Assessment arrangements LCA 2022

Admissions Notice for 2022-23 year


School Self Evaluation 2020-21

Covid Inspection Report November 2020

School Self Evaluation Summary report 2019-20 Aug 2020

Critical Incident Policy Aug 2020

Checklist for Anti Bullying Policy June 2020

Child safeguarding risk assessment August 2020

Child safeguarding Statement  Aug 2020

Classroom Based Assessment Policy June 2020


School Self Evaluation 2019-20

Junior Cycle Assessment Policy June 2020

Digital Media Literacy Strategy Feb 2020

Checklist Child safeguarding Oct 2019

School Self Evaluation Summary Report 201819

Child Safe guarding Statement 201920

Child Safe Guarding Risk Assessment

Critical Incident Policy 201920


School Self Evaluation 2018-19

Irish Inspection Report January 2019

School Self Evaluation Summary report 201718

St Ailbes Well-Read Report 2019

Checklist for Review of Child Safeguarding Statement 19/19