School Calendar

School Calendar 2024/25 Subject to change

Date Activity
Monday 26th  August Staff return 9.00 a.m. Croke Park full day
Tuesday  27th  August 1st years return
Wednesday 28th  August 3rd & 6th years return
Thursday 29th August 2nd & 5th years return
Friday 30th August TY return
Monday 2nd September LCA 1 & 2 return
Monday 16th  Sept 1st year option rollover
Wednesday 25th  September 2nd year/LCA2  Parent/Teacher meeting
30th Sept  to 4th October 1st , 2nd & 3rd  year exams (in-class)
Monday 7th October 1st year option rollover
Tuesday 15th October JCT Cluster day – School closed for students
Week beginning 21st October School Show
Mid-term break (last day of term Friday 25th October return on Monday 4th  November)  
Monday 4th November 1st year option rollover
Wednesday 6th November 1st year  Parent/Teacher meeting
Wednesday 13th  November Open Night
Wednesday 20th  November CAO Information Evening 7 p.m
Monday 25th November 1st year option rollover
25th to 29th November 5th & 6th year exams
25th to 29th November TY Work Ex week 1
Thurs 5th December Careers day
Monday 9th December 3rd & 6th year parent/Teacher meeting
18th & 19st   December 1st  & 2nd year exams in sports hall
Friday 20th   December X-Factor and holidays begin
Christmas Holidays (last day of term is Friday 20th  December, return on Monday 6th January)  
Mon 6th  January 1st year options start
Wednesday 15th   January TY, LCA1 & 5th  Year Parent/Teacher meeting
Tuesday 21st  January Senior Schools Options night
4th to 14th February Pre Leaving & Pre Junior Certificate Exams (Sports Hall)
Monday 3rd  Feb – School Closed Bank Holiday
10th Feb to 14th Feb 5th year Work Ex all week
11th Feb to 13th Feb CAT testing incoming 1st years Tues to Thurs
Mid-term break (last day of term Friday 14th February, return on Monday 24th   February)  
24th to 28th Feb TY Work Ex week 2
Tuesday 11th March – School Closed to students JCT Whole School Day
Monday 17th March – School Closed St. Patrick’s Day
Tuesday 18th to Friday 21st  March 1st , 2nd and 5th year assessments
Wednesday 26th  March 6th & 3rd Year Parent/teacher Meeting
Monday  April 7th to Friday April 11th TY Work Ex Week 3
Easter Holidays (last day of term is Friday 11th April  return Monday 28th April)  
Monday May 5th   School closed Bank Holiday
Wednesday 7th May Incoming 1st year parents/students transition afternoon
Thursday 15th May JCSP awards a.m. & Music awards p.m.
Friday 16th  May Awards day p.m.
Wednesday 21st  May Graduation ceremony 7 p.m.
Tuesday 27th May to Friday 30th  May 1st , 2nd  & 5th  year Exams
Thursday 29th May Sports day
Friday 30th  May Last day of term & holidays begin
Wednesday 4th June State exams (LC, LCA & JC)



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